Soaring Tigers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of motorless flight, and to the training and instruction of its members in the art, science and sport of soaring. The major focus of the club is on flight instruction for new pilots. While flight instruction is limited to active members, the club extends to the broader community opportunities to learn of motorless flight through lectures, soaring meetings, and subsidized demonstration flights.

Member Responsibilities

We offer greatly reduced rates by having all members contribute time for the benefit of the club. Members are required to help with different tasks (e.g., ship maintenance, washing, assemblydisassembly, recruiting, web-site maintenance, etc.).

All members must sign a statement that they have read and will comply with the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, club insurance policy, airport rules and regulations, and the latest version of club rules as set forth in this and successor manuals. In addition, each member must read and sign a Release Liability Form provided by the club.

All pilots flying Soaring Tigers rented or owned aircraft must fully comply with all club policies, operational procedures, rules, plus airport and U.S. governmental regulations.

Published Articles about Soaring Tigers

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Prominent Past Members

Click the pictures below to learn more about our prominent members.

Steve Sliwa
President Embry-Riddle Univ.
Founder/CEO Insitu  
Dan Barry
NASA Shuttle Astronaut
Brian Binnie
SpaceShipOne X Prize Winner
Winner FAA's Astronaut Wings
        Wally Hayes
        Princeton Univ. Professor
        Mech./Aerospace Eng.

Here are two pics taken of Dan Barry's first Space Shuttle flight:

Membership Types and Fees

Dual student pilot: $400/year dues until the pilot's first glider solo. The membership rate is then immediately adjusted to the full standard membership fee on a pro rata basis for that season and for all future seasons.
Standard membership: $700/year dues for anyone that has ever received a logbook endorsement to solo a glider. Standard members have access dual instruction and use of Soaring Tigers' complete fleet of aircraft, subject to appropriate logbook endorsement from a club CFIG. Standard members who own, insure, and actively fly their own glider are eligible to receive a 25% discount on their membership dues.
High performance ship pilots: $500/year additional fee for eligible and qualified pilots to fly our SGS 1-34 high performance single place glider.
Recurrent training member: $200 for ground instruction and up to six flights with a club CFIG in our SGS 2-33A (no solo flights). This membership level allows licensed glider pilots, private or commercial, to accomplish their recurrent training needs. Recurrent training members can complete a Flight Review, safely practice emergency procedures, complete WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program flight tasks, or other training goals as mutually agreed by the CFIG and member. All applicants must first complete an interview with a Soaring Tigers CFIG to ensure this membership level is appropriate to help them meet their goals. Recurrent training members can upgrade their membership, within the same flying season, to Standard Membership and receive credit for their already paid $200 dues.
Family membership:
(1+ members of same family)
1/2 applicable dues for additional family members (For example, a dual student pilot family member pays 1/2 of $400 = $200/year)
Club instructors: No fee for active CFIGs providing instruction to members on a regularly scheduled basis eight or more days annually
Board and/or officer: Soaring Tigers elected board members and/or officers with voting rights must either be active dues paying members or a non-dues paying board/officer member. This non-dues paying category of membership does not, by itself, enable that person to have any club dual or PIC flight privileges
Scholarships: Available and considered on an application basis

Flight Charges

The club does not currently charge members for the hourly rental of club ships or for flight instruction, both of which are free of charge to members.

In addition, all club members are fully responsible for the cost of their tows. Tow fees are paid directly to the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at Van Sant airport in Erwinna, PA. A current tow fee schedule is available from the FBO. Tow costs as of March 2018 (NOT including tax) are:

Release Altitude
Airport Fee
Simulated Rope Break $35.00
1000' AGL $40.00
1500' AGL $45.00
2000' AGL $50.00
2500' AGL $52.00
3000' AGL $55.00
3500' AGL $60.00
4000' AGL $65.00
4500' AGL $75.00
5000' AGL $90.00

Members are personally responsible for PAYING FOR THEIR TOWS TO THE VAN SANT FBO BEFORE LEAVING THE FIELD EACH DAY. Members are also responsible for ENTERING DETAILS FOR EACH OF THEIR FLIGHTS IN THE FORM THE FBO PROVIDES ON A SMALL CLIPBOARD WITH THE 2-33A. Members must enter the date of their flight(s), the ship that they flew, and the duration of the flight. This information is used to update the ship's logbook.

Sign-Up and Scheduling Procedures

Van Sant airport is also open from Wednesday to Sunday each week for Soaring Tigers FAA licensed private and commercial glider pilots to reserve our ships and to schedule tows for glider flights on days when the weather is suitable. Soaring Tigers members have sign-up rights each week for scheduling the ship for instruction, solo flight and flight reviews.

On each Tuesday afternoon, our club CFIGs will notify all members via email which days in the coming weekend they will be available to provide instruction, supervise solo flights, provide check rides, and conduct flight reviews (previously called BFR for Bi-annual Flight Reviews).

Active club members should then call Bird of Paradise (610) 847-1119 or e-mail BarAndDannie@866mustfly.com to schedule your flights.

You may sign up for:

  SGS 2-33A: 1.5 hour/weekend morning and afternoons (plus selected weekday afternoons by appointment)
  SGS 1-26B: Any available time
  SGS 1-34: Any available time

Members with their Private or Commercial Glider Ratings may also fly at any other available times either on weekends or on weekdays. Please call (610) 847-1119 or e-mail BarAndDannie@866mustfly.com at The Bird of Paradise to confirm and schedule tow plane availability.