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Our Fleet of Sailplanes

Schweizer SGS 2-33A

Schweizer SGS 1-26B

Schweizer SGS 1-34

Take-off to Landing

Getting ready for take-off

THe SGS 2-33A on tow

Getting towed to 3,000 feet

Check that yaw-string

Cloud base above 7,000 feet

Close to cloud base

Close to cloud base

Getting ready to land

Safely back on the ground

Some of our Members

A close up view of that third Hunter

Phil shows us the new audio variometer

Bob ready to solo in the SGS 1-26B

Jason holding the canopy

Trailering A Glider

Soaring Tigers logo imprinted on a cloth

Two local Hunters helping with ship maintenance

The SGS 2-33A on its trailer

Gliders can take to the road

Schweizer 1-26B on its trailer

Assembling and Disassembling our SGS 1-34

Removing the right wing

Our SGS 1-34 front view in the trailer

Our SGS 1-34 back view in the trailer

Kris and Dean taping over holes to keep mice out

Winterizing our SGS 1-26B

Covering the right wing

Covering the left wing

Celebrating our hard work

Our Ships at Tiedown

Marty shows us how the rudder lock should be positioned

A close up view of the rudder locking mechanism

Things to be removed before the first flight of the day

How to keep the birds from perching on the pitot tube

How to secure the ailerons on the SGS 1-34

Sailplane batteries and chargers

Cockpits and Instruments

Instrument panel of our Schweizer SGS 1-34

Instrument panel of our Schweizer SGS 2-33A

Replogle Barograph

Frame in SGS 2-33A to hold ballast weight

SGS 2-33A aileron and elevator lock used at tiedown

Sailplanes in Flight

Flying duo in our SGS 2-33A is fun

A glider on final approach

Soaring is a spectator sport